A small moth with a big name

This beautiful moth paid us a visit in November. Chestnut brown, his velvety wings looked soft enough to touch. I hadn’t seen one like him before. After getting nowhere with my insect book, I posted it on the Natural History Museum’s NaturePlus identification forum. Thanks to Brian Hardman for his quick reply. moth at window 17-11-13“This is Eriogaster rimicola,” said Brian. “I don’t know of a real common name for this species, but Eriogaster species are eggars and ‘rimicola’ means crack or cleft-loving, so you might call it a ‘cleft eggar’.”

[photo: lepiforum.de]

[photo: lepiforum.de]

[photo: lepiforum.de]

[photo: lepiforum.de]

To visit the websites which Brian referred me to for more details, click here:-


5 to remember

una mariposa de la luz – a moth
el museo – museum
la indentificación – identification
el foro – forum
la respuesta – answer

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