Spider on a log

There is one particular log on our terrace which has been in the same place now for about four years. Every time it gets knocked when we are watering the pots, or sweeping up leaves, it sheds a cloud of dust. But we leave it where it is. spider on log 12-7-11It is home to a big brown spider. I have no idea what type of spider, I never get to see it in its entirety. Just a leg, which quite often looks like a bit of dried leaf sticking out of a crack in the bark.

We are patient with spiders and ants on the terrace, they are good ‘cleaner-uppers’. They eat the mosquitoes in the summer, they eat the crumbs we drop on the floor at meal times. This spider was probably living on the terrace before we arrived, so we have no right to throw him out. We stay out of his way, and he stays out of ours.

5 to remember
una araña – a spider
un leño – a log
una nube de polvo – a cloud of dust
la corteza – bark
las migas – the crumbs

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