A praying mantis

What is it about these insects which makes them look human? Perhaps we have Disney to thank for anthropomorphizing animals. praying mantis6 17-11-13I’ve certainly never noticed the heart-shaped head before. The long neck enables it to turn its head 180° to check out its surroundings while hunting. It is a carnivorous hunter and lives for 12 months in the wild. praying mantis1 17-11-13praying mantis2 17-11-13It has five eyes: two large compound eyes and three simple eyes located between them. All the better for seeing you with! praying mantis3 17-11-13praying mantis4 17-11-13It eats moths, crickets, grasshoppers, flies and others of its kind. Most famously adult female who sometimes, not always, eats her mate just after or even during mating. Word must not have got around though, because this doesn’t seem to put the males off sex. praying mantis5 17-11-13

5 to remember
la mantis religiosa – praying mantis
con forma de corazón – heart-shaped
el cuello
– the neck
carnívoro/a – carnivorous
el cazador/la cazadora – hunter

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