A monochrome sky

We live our life in full-colour these days… monochrome sky1 17-11-13monochrome sky2 17-11-13In 3D… monochrome sky3 17-11-13monochrome sky4 17-11-13In HD… monochrome sky5 17-11-13monochrome sky6 17-11-13Open 24/7… monochrome sky7 17-11-13monochrome sky8 17-11-13Working 1/365… monochrome sky9 17-11-13Open all hours. monochrome sky12 17-11-13As late autumn starts to fall into winter, when frost clings to windows first thing in the morning, nature’s colours begin to fade. monochrome sky10 17-11-13This doesn’t mean it is any less beautiful. The grey sky at night, after sunset, at twilight, is eye-catching in the bruised grey tones of its painter’s palette.
monochrome sky11 17-11-13
5 to remember
monocromático/a monochrome
– 3D
en alta definición – in HD
la escarcha – frost
la patela – palette

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