Book Review: ‘The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society’ by Chris Stewart

the almond blossom appreciation society - chris stewart 30-4-13The thing I love about reading Chris Stewart’s books is that his portrayal of life in the Alpujarras rings so many bells with our life here. We do not shear sheep, and we are not ex-musicians, but his stories of interactions with his neighbours and daily challenges could happen here. Best in this book for me is the society of the title. The Spanish around here love to walk, early morning or evening in summer, mid-morning in winter, they walk along the country roads in groups or singly. An elderly man, his shirt and trousers neatly pressed, going for an afternoon walk. Two girls, dressed in brightly-coloured Lycra, power-walking briskly. A gaggle of village matrons, sauntering three and four abreast. Depending on the season, most are likely to carry a bag of some sort ready to forage what the countryside has to offer. So the idea of a group of men walking up the hillside to look at the almond blossom sounds perfectly feasible to me. The only difference is that they would not drink wine from the bota but probably Zocco, a firey reddish aguadiente that is the favoured breakfast accompaniment to café solo in the ventas here.
5 to remember
la representación – portrayal
la oveja – sheep
el/la vecino/a – neighbour
la carretera – road
la temporada – season

3 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society’ by Chris Stewart

  1. Carol Byrne

    I have to say I didn’t, by contrast, like this book. I felt the 3 book deal had filtered through to lip service and was rushed by the time this one was published, loved the first one though, and think it must be one of the reasons most of us looked to the Alpujarra as our home.


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