Clouds at the end of the day

Pablo can tell the time of year and the hour by the position of the sun and the shadow it casts. From a boy, he grew up on the land, never wearing a wristwatch, always aware of the weather’s importance for the crops. We often play the game ¿Qué hora es? and he always gets the time right, to within five minutes.

Watching the changing clouds, as the afternoon draws to a close, I can begin to understand this. As the day closes in and sunset approaches… first the clouds are white puffs… cloud at sunset4 7-10-13feathery clouds at brink of sunset1 8-10-13feathery clouds at brink of sunset2 8-10-13feathery clouds at brink of sunset3 8-10-13 … and then as the sun, dust particles and chemistry do their stuff, the yellow tones start to appear. cloud at sunset3 7-10-13cloud at sunset2 7-10-13

So, the darker the yellow the later the time is. cloud at sunset1 4-10-13¿Que hora es?
No problema!

5 to remember
no problema – no problem/that’s okay/don’t worry/that’s alright
¿qué hora es? – what time is it?
la posición – the position
la pulsera – the wristwatch
el juego – the game

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