The first fire

Last night we lit the fire for the first time this autumn. the fire1 17-11-13the fire2 17-11-13We’d seen the weather forecast: a cold front moving south from the Arctic, so we knew colder air was on the way. So we filled the log basket and laid the fire. I’d forgotten how instant the heat is from our wonderful log burner. log basket filled 17-11-13fire from above 17-11-13And the orange glow of the flames was reflected in the sky outside with yet another wonderful sunset. We sat outside and watched the sky catch fire, but as soon as the sun was gone we noticed the chill in the air. sunset1 7-10-13 (2)sunset2 7-10-13 (2)I don’t mind the change of seasons when they creep up on me like this, when the sun is still warm on my skin at mid-day but the house is toasty in the evening. close-up of flames 17-11-13

5 to remember
anoche – last night
por la primera vez – for the first time
el otoño – autumn
el pronóstico del tiempo
– the weather forecast
el Ártico – the Arctic

8 thoughts on “The first fire

  1. EllaDee

    Gorgeous connection of the fire and sunset 🙂
    We’re not regularly at our house with the wood fire, so anytime we are and it’s cold enough, lighting it is a treat.



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