A tree alone

There’s something about trees, isn’t there, that evokes emotions? Is it their stature, their longevity, their solidity? The willows, sycamores, chestnuts and oaks of my childhood are replaced here by holm oak, poplars and pine trees.

Oak trees once covered the whole of Andalucía. That’s why they still seem to be everywhere. This oak [below] stands alone amid the autumn fields, looking towards the Sierra de las Nieves.oak tree looking towards sierra de los nieves 12-10-13This solitary holm oak [below] stands amidst the olives in Hermano’s land on the hillside opposite our house. oak tree in hermano's grove opposite 4-10-13

Outside the village, this oak [below] stands alone on a ridge of red soil beside the road. oak tree, on R coming into LaA from Canete 12-10-13

Pine trees grow here too, as we are so high, a welcome shot of green throughout the leafless winter. pinus growing on rocky outcrop 4-10-13

Farmers respect trees, in fact they are legally bound to protect oak trees and so plough around them [below]. tree in ploughed field, looking towards sierra de las nieves 12-10-13

The land around here is worked hard, crop after crop. This newly-ploughed field [below] awaits drilling with seed for the winter crop. A tree stands alone.tree on the horizon 12-10-13

5 to remember
los sentimientos – emotions
la estatura – stature
la longevidad – longevity
la solidez – solidity
la infancia – childhood

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