Our best-ever tomato sauce

After we’ve eaten so many tomato salads we never want to see another, we deal with our tomato glut by making what we call our ‘best ever’ tomato sauce. our best-ever tomato sauce - freezer label 10-8-13We use our biggest saucepan and cook it down so it turns almost a browny-red colour, then we freeze it and use it in winter. Excellent with pasta with just a shaving of parmesan on top, alternatively throw in a few grilled prawns [below]. It can also be used as the base for bruschetta or pizza. The quantities of this are elastic and very forgiving, the proportion we used was one third onions to tomatoes. This pot was made in early-August and frozen, wonderful on a cold November night. our best-ever tomato sauce - plateful with prawns 13-8-13Tomatoes, skinned and roughly chopped
Onions, roughly chopped
One bulb and a half of garlic, finely chopped
Extra virgin olive oil
Large handful of fresh thyme
Heavy sprinkle of dried oregano
1 dessert spoonful pimentón dulce
Small can tomato concentrate
Sea salt & freshly-ground pepper our best-ever tomato sauce - plateful with prawns 13-8-13Throw all the ingredients into a large saucepan together, we filled a large saucepan 24cm diameter by 17cm deep to the top with veggies.
Bring it to the boil and leave to simmer hard until reduced by half. It took four hours of bubbling to reduce our sauce to half a pan full. our best-ever tomato sauce - freezer boxes 10-8-135 to remember
una olla – a large saucepan
la cucharada de postre – dessert spoonful
lo congelamos – we freeze it
los ingredientes – the ingredients
de encima – on top

2 thoughts on “Our best-ever tomato sauce

  1. EllaDee

    Good reminder for me to see if there are a couple of kilograms of good tomatoes at the markets tomorrow. I’ve just used our last tub of homemade tomato sauce. I simply put 2 kgs tomatoes, 3 or 4 big brown onions, a bunch of basil, a few cloves of garlic, olive oil, raw sugar, seasoning, and later maybe verjuice, into the crockpot for a day on low, blending it after a few hours then leaving to reduce. So much better than the bought stuff. When I make it I always think, there’s no room in the freezer but after a few weeks it’s all gone 🙂



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