Can we pipe this spring?

Every spring, when rain falls on the high land around us, new springs pop out of the hillside and fall gently through the undergrowth. Every day is undertaken to the tinkling of dribbling water. It is a cheerful accompaniment. By summer, these have usually all dried up. This autumn, one of the spring newcomers is still with us and looks like being permanent.
It is ideally placed, beside the track up to the main road, where it could be piped and therefore used to water our huerta in the almond field beside the river. D and Pablo have discussed the project, so far no action. It is the sort of job that needs a cool winter day and metres of black irrigation goma. It is the sort of job they will discuss over many early-evening cervezas, as is the Spanish way. Finally action will take place. There is no hurry after all, the spring is not going anywhere, goma must be purchased from the ferretería, the local ironmonger, and the vegetables will not be planted until next year. Paso a paso, step-by-step, as Pablo said to us many times when we first moved here. There’s no hurry. He hasn’t said it for a while, so perhaps we are becoming more Spanish.

5 to remember
la maleza – undergrowth
un tintineo – a tinkling noise
un chorrito
– a dribble
el acompañamiento – accompaniment
alegre – cheerful

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