Figs: a tri-partite split

The last remaining wasps are occupied around the fig trees at the moment, because the fruit is ripening and splitting in the unseasonal heat: it should be 20 degrees today. The wonderful autumns of Spain continue to delight us, after the chilly nights.fig1 4-10-13fig2 4-10-13The figs are splitting in such a beautiful way, opening three-ways like flower petals, who can blame the wasps for being tempted. And the figs are way out of our reach. fig with wasp 4-10-13fig3 4-10-135 to remember
los higos maduran – the figs are ripening
una rajadura – a split
poco habitual para la estación del año – unseasonal
el pétalo – petal [of flower]
fuera de alcance – out of reachfig4 4-10-13

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