Death of a sunflower

Nature often presents us with beauty in death. The residue of the sunflower harvest in this field was dried and desiccated but no less beautiful for that. This field is bare now, waiting for its next crop.dried flowerhead1 12-10-13diagonal stalk 12-10-13dried flowerhead2 12-10-13dried stalks1 12-10-13dried flowerhead3 12-10-13dried stalks2 12-10-13dried flowerhead4 12-10-13upright stalk1 12-10-13dried flowerhead5 12-10-13upright stalk2 12-10-13dried flowerhead6 12-10-13
5 to remember
la muerte – death
el resto – residue
seco/a – dried
seco/a – desiccated
la cosecha – crop

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