Autumn berries

I grew up in rural Yorkshire and there we had an old saying that an autumn when shrubs were laden with berries would lead to a harsh winter. The country logic being that the berries were food to help birds and small mammals survive until spring. hawthorn berries2 4-10-13If that adage holds truth in Spain too, we are in for a cold one. The hawthorn and pyracantha bushes are laden with berries in fire tones or red, orange and yellow. orange pyracanthra berries 13-10-13red pyracanthra berries1 13-10-13yellow pyracanthra berries1 13-10-13hawthorn berries1 4-10-13red pyracanthra berries2 13-10-13yellow pyracanthra berries2 13-10-13hawthorn berries3 4-10-135 to remember
duro/a – harsh
el arbusto – shrub
la baya – berry
un refrán – a saying
la piracanta – pyracantha

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