A sweet mouthful of summer

On the cooler days of autumn and winter I like to start the day with a sweet taste of summer, a reminder that the winter months ahead won’t last too long. stewed plums for breakfast - bowlful 12-8-13So last night I rummaged through the freezer and found a box of stewed plums, squirreled away in early August when we were deluged with fruit. I eat them for breakfast with a swirl of Greek-style yogurt and a sprinkle of flaked almonds [for protein]. This is the easiest way to get the first of my ‘Five a Day’. This couldn’t be a quicker way of cooking a glut of ciruelas. The quantities are infinitely adjustable.stewed plums for breakfast - just-picked plums 11-8-13I used:-
Plums, rinsed, halved and stoned
Sugar stewed plums for breakfast - a plum 11-8-13 (2)Tip the plums into a large saucepan, sprinkle with a little sugar [depending on your taste for sweetness and the ripeness of the plums]. Add a splash [only a splash] of water to the fruit. Stir, and set on a high heat. When the fruit is bubbling, turn it down low so it burbles. The fruit will soften quite quickly so don’t leave the kitchen. Set aside in a bowl to cool completely before freezing.stewed plums for breakfast - close-up 11-8-13

5 to remember
el frigorífico – fridge
infinitamente – infinitely
regulable – adjustable
verde – ripe
un remolino – a swirl

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