Gall wasp: hatched and flown away

Do you remember the cherry red gall on the oak tree, which I wrote about two weeks ago [below]. Here’s the link if you missed it.cherry-red gall on holm oak - on almond track 17-8-13

Well a big change has happened since then. The gall is still there, but dark red, dried and with a hole in the gall - darkened and empty 4-10-13

Whatever was in there has burrowed its way out to freedom.

5 to remember
¿te acuerdas? – do you remember
cereza – cherry red
hace dos semanas – two weeks ago
un cambio grande – a big change
un agujero – a hole

And if you’d like to tweet a link to THIS post, here’s my suggested tweet:
Gall wasp: hatched and flown away #Spain via @Spanish_Valley

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