Book review: Or The Bull Kills You

This is the first of Jason Webster’s stories about Spanish detective Max Cámara. The setting is Valencia during Fallas, the five-day festival of fireworks and bonfires. A bullfighter is murdered, a controversial bullfighter, in a city undergoing local elections and with a strong anti-taurino lobby. Webster has chosen his setting well, Valencia is a noisy, shouting, breathing presence on every page. The bullfighting is strange, a world of customs and special language, its symbolism machismo. Into the middle of all this walks the Fallas-hating, bullfight-disapproving detective who’s having a difficult time with his girlfriend. And he’s being reviewed at work for his behaviour in a previous case. Is there one killer or two, and what about the dead bullfighter’s artist boyfriend and his very-public fiancé? Webster keeps the page turning with ease.

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‘Or the Bull Kills You’, Max Cámara #1, by Jason Webster [UK: Vintage]

5 to remember
anti-taurino – anti-bullfighting
el/la segundo/a – the second
la historia – the story
los toros – the bullfighting
la fiesta – the festival

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