Book review: ‘Or The Bull Kills You’ by Jason Webster

Jason Webster - or the bull kills you 12-7-13This is the first of Jason Webster’s stories about Spanish detective Max Cámara. The setting is Valencia during Fallas, the five-day festival of fireworks and bonfires. A bullfighter is murdered, a controversial bullfighter, in a city undergoing local elections and with a strong anti-taurino lobby. Webster has chosen his setting well, Valencia is a noisy, shouting, breathing presence on every page. The bullfighting is strange, a world of customs and special language, its symbolism machismo. Into the middle of all this walks the Fallas-hating, bullfight-disapproving detective who’s having a difficult time with his girlfriend. And he’s being reviewed at work for his behaviour in a previous case. Is there one killer or two, and what about the dead bullfighter’s artist boyfriend and his very-public fiancé? Webster keeps the page turning with ease.

5 to remember
anti-taurino – anti-bullfighting
el/la segundo/a – second
la historia – story
los toros – bullfighting
la fiesta – festival

Today’s post is part of ‘Blog Action Day’ on the subject of human rights. Fiction has an important role to play in the understanding of human rights, the knowledge that we are all the same wherever in the world we live, in the opening up of human minds to equality. There is a reason that all dictators in history burn books!

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