The veggies are still flowering, but…

Yesterday we felt the true chill of autumn, which means these flowers in the huerta will not amount to much. It is a sad fact of life that here, 500m above sea level, the growing season is shorter than down on the coast. aubergine flower1 4-10-13aubergine flower2 4-10-13The aubergine flowers [above] are my favourite, they remind me of the fairy’s hats in that lovely children’s book Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker [below: the dog violet fairy]



We have certainly picked our last melons and courgettes, the plants are now food for Pablo’s black pigs. The onions were lifted yesterday and are drying in the sun [below], and there are a handful of small aubergines on the plant. These we will wait a few days before picking, they will probably not get much bigger. onions in wheelbarrow 13-10-13onions drying - close-up 13-10-13The only thing we still have plenty of are green peppers [below].pimenton1 4-10-13
5 to remember
ayer – yesterday
verdadero/a – true
que significa – which means
la hada – fairy
el sombrero – hat
flower fairies book 13-10-13

‘Flower Fairies’ by Cicely Mary Barker

11 thoughts on “The veggies are still flowering, but…

  1. Virtually All Sorts

    Ah, autumn… We planted some tomatoes and sunflowers very late, but better late than never – for the benefit of our little one. Due to a lovely summer, they did really well and the tomatoes even turned very tomato-like. Resulting in a couple even ending up in the kitchen 🙂 Sadly, the sunflowers didn’t fair so well and we never did get our seeds for next year.


  2. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    Our veggie patch consisted of a tiny tomato plant that grew about 12 teeny tiny tomatoes, apparently planted by our granddaughter who spit out a seed or dropped a tomato – at 5, she isn’t sure. We aren’t really gardeners and the eucalyptus trees make the ground impossible to support a real garden. Not enough sunshine, too many rocks, leaves, and foraging rats – ugh!



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