A misty start to the morning

Distances recede in the mist, and this morning the valley is enveloped in a layer of cotton-wool mist which deadens sound and limits the vista, the view. the griffons' hillside in mist 26-8-13We can just make out the griffon vultures’ hillside [above] but no sight of the buitres which will be huddled on their perches high in the trees, waiting for the warmth of the sun… joaquin's col in the mist 26-8-13… the curves and pink tones of the col are becoming more defined as I watch [above]… close-up of encima in Paco's olive grove 26-8-13… the magnificent oak [above] which stands over the hilltop olive grove of Pablo’s brother, hermano, looms out of the white ghostliness like a sentinel watching over the valley… col above cardenas 26-8-13… the highest col at the western edge of the valley [above] drifts in and out of sight as the barely-existent breeze starts to stir the blankness… hillside opposite 26-8-13… and then we can see for the first time the distinctive encima, the oak tree, on the hillside opposite [above].

5 to remember
la distancia – distance
va perdiendo en la distancia – it [something] recedes from view
la neblina – mist
esta envuelta en neblina – it is enveloped in mist
una capa – a layer

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