Mid-morning melon break

According to the NHS in England, we should drink 1.2 litres of water a day to prevent dehydration. Factor in the heat here and we drink loads more than that, even in October. Today it is predicted to be 22 degrees but is already very humid. We always have a large glass of water on the go, and have to remember that anything alcoholic dehydrates and fizzy drinks contribute nothing to the rehydration effort. But fruit juice does. goblets of melon 25-8-13So… melons are full of water. Now we have introduced a mid-morning melon break, in addition to our mid-morning coffee break. Yes, caffeine is dehydrating too but Spanish coffee is so good. Like life, it’s a matter of balancing: a plus here, a minus there. As long as we come out ahead by bedtime.
We sit on the steps, in the shade, after clearing weeds from beneath the plum and walnut trees: a dusty job. A goblet of freshly-chopped melon is so refreshing. tidying up by the steps 25-8-13This was our first white melon… I have no idea why it’s the colour it is, it just grew that way! our small white melon 25-8-135 to remember
un litro – a litre
por día – a day
la deshidratación – dehydration
un refresco – a fizzy drink
alcohólico/a – alcoholic

6 thoughts on “Mid-morning melon break

  1. susanissima

    Beautiful description, Sandra. In Mexico, refreshing aguas are created by mashing or blending a bit of melon with water and ice. Some add a little sweetener, but that is optional. Your idea of simply chunks in a goblet is much easier,though.


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      We have a love-hate relationship with those steps! The house sits on the edge of a hillside so we spend a lot of time climbing up and down. Good exercise though, makes ‘calorie space’ for the cakes. SD



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