Amazing seedheads

Weeds are simply plants that grow in the wrong place, that’s what I tell myself anyway when I feel there is too much weeding to do. This year I have tried to be more relaxed about weeding, looking at the plants in a different way, after all they are just plants. They have not self-seeded themselves in a particular place just to annoy me.seedhead1 25-8-13seedhead4 25-8-13There are two wonderful things about weeds. First the flowers, in the springtime our valley is a tapestry of multi-coloured flowers. Next comes the untidy, messy bit, the bit that makes me want to pull them all out. seedhead2 25-8-13seedhead3 25-8-13Finally I think is almost the best stage: the dried seedheads. Late summer and autumn, the valley is crammed with golden spikes and globes. Some look pre-historic, some look alien.

So by finding the beauty in the weeds, I am coming to accept them… not quite there 100% yet though. seedhead6 25-8-13seedhead5 25-8-135 to remember
el lugar equivocado/a – the wrong place
particular – particular
el tapiz – tapestry
multicolor – multi-coloured
desordenado/a – messy

7 thoughts on “Amazing seedheads

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    When we were in college, I often went with a group of friends to gather weeds. We placed them in all the empty pots and jars in our shabby apartments. To see the colors and textures reminded us of our ventures outdoors and always whispered of all that fun we’d had collecting our free bouquets. When they fell to pieces all over the floor, we’d sweep them up – or not – and go gathering again.


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      I like to put a vase of wildflowers in a friend’s bedroom here when they come to stay, such a change from florist flowers which look garish in comparison. SD


  2. EllaDee

    “a tapestry of multi-coloured flowers” is a wonderful word painting to complement the images.
    I’m learning weeds are under-rated. They are plants we modern humans just don’t know what to do with but are necessary to birds, animals, insects, and some wise people who know how to use them for food and medicine. I’m looking forward to one day getting to know weeds much better 🙂



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