Cobwebs on earth and rock

The spiders have been busy, weaving their webs in the nooks and crannies of earth and rock. Beautiful in the morning dew, and in the mid-day sun. Such complicated designs, straight lines making curves, layer on layer, knitting a beautiful trap.

shady rockface1 27-8-13earth - top terrace 27-8-13earth1 27-8-13rock - top terrace1 27-8-13earth2 27-8-13shady rockface3 27-8-13earth3 27-8-13shady rockface4 27-8-13shady rockface2 27-8-13

5 to remember
la telaraña – cobweb
la araña – spider
ocupado/a – busy
tejiendo – weaving
el rocío – dew

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