Book Review: ‘A Parrot in the Pepper Tree’ by Chris Stewart

a parrot in the pepper tree - chris stewart 30-4-13The second in Chris Stewart’s trilogy sees the Alpujarras home of the ex-Genesis drummer threatened by a dam being built in the valley. As we were once asked by a neighbour here for permission to site an electricity pylon on our land beside the river so that he could have mains electricity at his weekend cottage, I can identify with the turmoil. You move to a remote place purely for its beauty and tranquillity, then someone threatens it. Our neighbour thankfully agreed with us, and his wife, after a short discussion that solar power was the least impactful way of improving his electricity supply. As in the first book, Stewart’s tales of daily life with his neighbours are full of colour and character and make an easy read.
5 to remember
el loro – parrot
la trilogía – trilogy
el baterista – drummer
la represa– dam
la luz – electricity

6 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘A Parrot in the Pepper Tree’ by Chris Stewart

  1. woodbeez48

    We absolutely loved these two books when we read them, some years ago now. Chris has a great sense of humour and we found we were easily able to imagine the beauty of the area, as well as his trials and tribulations. Hadn’t realised it was a trilogy so have just added the third one to my Amazon wishlist 🙂


  2. tobyo

    oh yay!! didn’t know it was going to be a trilogy. I really enjoyed Driving Over Lemons so I will have to read this one too. thanks for the tip!! he’s an excellent writer.


  3. Virtually All Sorts

    A perfect example of judging a book by its title; I never knew what this book was about but almost got lured in by the title. Obviously I knew it wasn’t about a pepper in a parrot tree (or whatever). Maybe now, I’ll make a trip to the library!


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