Walking along the Thyme Track one summer morning

The track changes character with the seasons. the track3 25-8-13This morning the pink earth is dusty, concrete hard, cracked in places. horse corner 25-8-13The weeds are golden, seedheads dried and preserved in golden globes. seedhead 25-8-13Rare are the flowers, a cloud of jasmine-like white stars, a single pink mallow, a hawthorne bush with early berries.early hawthorne berries 25-8-13white flowers 25-8-13The track leads us away from our secret valley, around the corner to the right into a smaller valley. The river runs through it, quieter here without waterfalls but with a couple of narrow corners where the water rushes noisily. pink flower among the dry gold 25-8-13jose antonio's valley2 25-8-13Always along this track we disturb blackbirds, their fluting calls melting into the warning rattle shreee.jose antonio's valley1 25-8-13the track1 25-8-135 to remember
el camino – track
el carácter – character
las estaciónes – the seasons
el hormigón – concrete
rajado/a – cracked the track through the P's olive grove 25-8-13

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