Cinco Colores: Five Colours

Uno: red RED red seedhead in olive grove 27-8-13Red seedhead in the olive grove: August 27, 2013

Dos: blue BLUE olive & sky 13-3-13Olive and sky: March 13, 2013

Tres: green GREEN baby courgette 4 inches in August 17-8-13Baby courgette: August 17, 2013

Cuatro: yellow YELLOW field of yellow flowers in april 28-4-11Field of yellow flowers: April 28, 2103

Cinco: white WHITE April 21 2013 white lacy flowerWhite lacy flower: April 21, 2013

Part of pleasure of the CBBH Photo Challenge is visiting new blogs which other bloggers have discovered that are new to me. So these are my featured blog links this month, so please visit and enjoy!
Andalucia Diary is a very personal take on living in Andalucia, its beauty, its culture, its truth, seen by an English insider in a Spanish family.
Birdingbytrain is a birdspotter’s paradise. Marcel, a student at Barcelona University, manages a database of bird sightings in Catalonia. His blog is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to find out more about birds in Spain.

This post is written in response to East of Malaga’s CONEJO BLANCO BLOG HOP. To read more about Marianne’s Spanish Photo Challenge for September, and to read other posts on the same theme, click here

5 to remember
el placer – pleasure
el reto – challenge
el diario – diary
el vínculo – link
el web – the web

3 thoughts on “Cinco Colores: Five Colours

  1. Marianne

    Hi Sandra and thanks for your entry into this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge. What a riot of colour! It’s hard to pick a favourite.

    Thanks for sharing links to two Spanish blogs you enjoy. I know Andrew’s blog, but am not familiar with the other one, which should prove to be a valuable resource. I’ll fly over there right away! 🙂



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