Ever wondered what a gecko sounds like?

We were sitting in the shade under the pergola, enjoying a late morning cafelito and agua, watching a ‘bootcut’ eagle circling over the olive grove on the hilltop opposite. He was alone, but was still calling, kli-kli-kli, when suddenly there was a different call. Click on the video below to listen…

It was a gecko, hidden somewhere in the honeysuckle and jasmine which climb up from plant pots, through the rough roof of brezo de mimbre [wicker roofing] into the sunshine. The geckos are so difficult to spot, so shy. We know they get into the house through the air bricks. D found one two days ago behind the fridge. Possibly this is why our house is relatively bug-free, for saying we live in the middle of the country.
Seeing or hearing a gecko is always a treat.
5 to remember
la sombra – shade
de enfrente – opposite
solo/a – alone
las macetas – plant pots
el video – video

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