The most irresistible lemon ice-cream

I challenge anyone to resist second helpings of this ice-cream. Actually it’s not just any posh ice-cream, it’s a parfait by Nigel Slater made using lemon curd. We used our own home-made, but it works too with a shop-bought jar of lemon curd. Nigel serves it cut in elegant slices, but we like it in chunks in a thick glass. Easier to eat that way when sitting with our feet in the pool, cooling off inside and outside.
bowlful1 25-8-13500ml whipping or double cream [we used longlife nata para cocinar]
180g meringues [shop-bought are fine]
300g lemon curd [about 8 heaped tbsp]
Grated zest of an orange
Take a cake tin or a plastic freezer box approximately 24cm x12cm x 7cm deep, lined loosely with cling film or waxed paper.
Pour the cream into a chilled mixing bowl and whisk until soft and thick, stopping just before it forms stiff peaks.
bowlful2 25-8-13Crumble the meringues into the cream, vary the size of meringue pieces so the finished ice-cream has texture. Add the lemon curd, then the zest. Stir gently, try not to over-mix.
Tip the mixture into the lined container, cover with a piece of cling film and put into the freezer until set. Depending on the temperature of your freezer, this will take about 4 hours. You can keep it in the freezer for several days. Remove it from the freezer before serving so it softens. Serve, cut into thick crumbly slices.
5 to remember
alguien – anyone
elegante – posh
casero/a – home-made
el merengue – meringue
la ralladura – zest [of a lemon or orange]

11 thoughts on “The most irresistible lemon ice-cream

  1. wordswithnannaprawn

    I am sooooooo trying this! we had a glut of limes this year so I made lime curd……there’s only so much lime curd on toast I can face and I can’t be bothered to make a meringue with it, this looks lazily perfect and I’m sure it will work just as well with lime 🙂


      1. wordswithnannaprawn

        I applaud you already for having the discipline to photograph a dessert before demolishing it……I don’t know whether it’s a Yorkshire thing but cake and the sweet stuff don’t last long enough for me to post about them!!


  2. Elle Draper

    Sounds bloody lovely! I will have to make another batch of lemon curd, as I only have about a little left (gave the rest to the neighbours as an excuse to go see the “new puppy”).

    Am very interested in wordswithnannaprawn’s lime curd recipe too – off to her blog now to see if she’s posted it by any chance.

    Elle x



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