The sound of summer on the Thyme Track

We woke early this morning and took the opportunity to go for a walk before the heat made the prospect too daunting. We walked along the Thyme Track, the quietest part of the valley, past Horse Corner, now a mass of golden grasses, past Hermano’s olive grove [belonging to Pablo’s brother], to the end of the valley where the path fades out into nothing and we can go no further.
We stopped, to listen to the silence, revelling in the lack of noise pollution. No planes overhead, no strimmers, no mopeds… and unusually, no tractors.
5 to remember
temprano/a – early
la oportunidad – opportunity
desalentador/a – daunting
la perspectiva – prospect [situation envisaged]
muchísimo/a – masses

2 thoughts on “The sound of summer on the Thyme Track

  1. woodbeez48

    How lovely! I am truly envious although rural Bedfordshire can be almost as quiet but not quite as beautiful. I love the way you always include 5 Spanish words in your posts. I studied Spanish to ‘A’ level a long time ago and was deeply disappointed when we went to Seville a couple of years ago that I had forgotten so much of the language, so it’s nice to be reminded of this vocabulary whilst looking at the marvellous scenery.


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      I’ve found that the Spanish I learned in classes in England does not always help me to understand the Andalucian accent. I have been told that here the ‘campo’ accent is so rough it sounds like Geordie would to a Spaniard learning English!



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