Bee-eaters gathering to leave

Last night we sat on the sofa terrace, enjoying the cool breeze after sundown. watching from the terrace sofa as the sun goes down 25-8-13Suddenly a chirping made us search the sky: a flock of around 30 bee-eaters, wheeling above the valley.



Now we see bee-eaters every day, never in groups of more than 10. So this must be a sign that they are gathering to fly south to tropical Africa for the winter. It’s the first real sign of autumn, that and the early morning mist.




5 to remember
el sofá – sofa
la brisa – breeze
fresco/a – cool
el gorjeo – the chirping of birds
la bandada – flock [of birds]

2 thoughts on “Bee-eaters gathering to leave

  1. redstuffdan


    I am enjoying your blog – full of lovely pictures and interesting information. I like this post particularly because it reminds me of how incredibly beautiful the bee eater is. The first, and only place l saw them was on the med coastline, about a mile inland where they had colonised a hardened sandbank alongside a golf course. A Wonder to behold





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