The sound of… an oriole in the plum tree*

* with apologies to Chris Stewart
Our terrace hangs on the edge of the hillside, near to us are three fruit trees – one plum, two fig – and directly in front is a huge spreading walnut tree. The local bird population flits from one to another, the sparrows migrate to the trees in two groups, one from their nesting spot behind the solar placas on the kitchen roof, the second group from the roof of the pool house. The density of this traffic increases when the fruit is ripe. At the moment, the big attraction is the plums slowly ripening from green to mellow yellow.

It is difficult to spot a shy golden oriole, despite the male being bright yellow and black. Pretty standout, you would think, but not amongst the shadows of the green and yellow leaves. Ideal camouflage. He and his green wife [she looks rather like a green woodpecker] simply merge with the leaves. Last night they were in the fig tree, doubtless enjoying a feast of the last of this crop of figs out of our reach. So we sat back and enjoyed their fluting calls.
5 to remember
la oropéndola – golden oriole
la ladera – hillside
desplegando/a – spreading
local – local
la población – population

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