Freshly-picked salad

The three fresh elements of this salad were picked and prepared immediately, we ate them for lunch 10 minutes after picking. And we could tell the difference. I swear that this simple mixture of home-grown tomato, cucumber and basil, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic, tasted of the sun. The tomato in particular retained the warmth of the sun, it was unbelievably sweet. The pepino, the Spanish variety of cucumber which is shorter and fatter than English cucumbers with a thick skin that we discard, was the crunchiest I have eaten. freshly-picked salad - bowl 6-8-13The only thing to accompany it was a glass of shandy. An exceptional lunch on a day when heat on the terrace reached 40° and the water in the swimming pool was 28°.
freshly-picked salad - shandy 6-8-135 to remember
el elemento – element
la diferencia – difference
de la huerta propia – home-grown [vegetables]
la variedad – variety
más crujiente – crunchiest

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