Valley in the mist

We woke up this morning to find mist so dense we couldn’t see beyond the big walnut tree. There was a chill to the air at 8am, welcome after the string of +40 degree days we’ve been having. Everything was silent, as if we were wrapped in cotton wool, insulated in our little valley from the outside world. The birds were quiet too. We stood outside in the cool, unsure how long it will last.mist at 8am1 13-7-13mist at 8am2 13-7-13mist at 8am3 13-7-13The answer was one hour. By 9am, the mist was already burning off. an hour later1 13-7-13an hour later2 13-7-13an hour later3 13-7-135 to remember
nos depertamos – we awoke
esta manana – this morning
la neblina – mist
escaso/a – slight
quemar – to burn off

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