The Doris Day approach to photographing nature

I hope the quality of my photographs on my blog is improving. Feeling that I was inadequately capturing the beauty of the valley with my point-and-shoot automatic digital camera, I took a photography course in London. It really helped, I hope you can see the difference. The course was by Ion Paciu at Photoion. The only advice Ion couldn’t offer was how to get the birds to sit still on the branch long enough for me to get a good shot. Take a good photo of the valley: easy. Taking an arty shot of a sunset: I can do. But take a simple shot of a bird is beyond me. I remain totally in awe of wildlife photographers.
the green valley in april 28-4-11

Today’s photograph is the green valley. The butterfly I first attempted flew away and I was left with a pic of an empty leaf. Que sera, será

5 to remember
que sera, será –  what will be, will be
la calidad – quality
mejorando – improving
la cámara – camera
la fotografía – photography

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