Textures and stones

Everywhere we look around here the textures and colours change on a daily basis. loose stones at top of col3 26-3-13Earth, stones, rock, water, soil, dust, mud, bark, leaves. Out for a morning stroll we take a favourite route around the other side of the valley, following the course of the river upstream. The water is still too deep to cross the river at the ford near Pablo’s old cortijo, so we double-back and climb slowly uphill coming out on top of the ridge we can see from our terrace. loose stones at top of col1 26-3-13The only way back home from here is to scramble down the rocky slope into the col where Marco has planted new olive trees, and so back down to the river. loose stones at top of col2 26-3-13At the top are piles and piles of stones, the beautiful red sandstone which is everywhere here.  Pale pink, blush and deep brick red. Beautiful. loose stones at top of col4 26-3-135 to remember
las texturas – textures
los colores – colours
cotidiano – daily
la tierra – earth/soil
las piedras – stones

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