Saying no to pylons

Today we were asked a question we never expected to hear in this forgotten valley. Our neighbour Alberto arrived without warning at 7pm to talk about his electricity plans. Currently he, his wife and son visit during summer weekends, their electricity supply is via a small set of solar panels on the roof of the house backed up by a small generator. They have no television, no freezer, their demands are low but they would like to spend more time at the house. saying no to pylons 14-5-12Alberto proposes to connect to the main supply via an above-the-ground line with 9m high posts from Pablo’s cortijo via two posts on Marco’s land across the river, and one pylon on ours at the bottom of the olive grove. Basically this would run left to right across our entire view of the valley. We refused on the grounds of ugliness, and asked why the cable couldn’t be sunk into the ground. Alberto had no answer to that, but said he understands our objections and that he will install the solar option which would cost €10,000 more. He admitted then that his wife Elena wants the solar option too, on sustainability grounds.

He was very gracious about our objection which was a huge relief, we had been ready for a fight.
5 to remember
una pregunta – question
la luz – electricity
el fin de semana – weekend
el generador – generator
la torre de alta tension – electricity pylon

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