A painted sky

Today there are layers of cloud in the sky, as if painted one by one by a watercolour artist. cloud effects1 26-3-13The foundation sky is ultramarine, that deep dense blue so familiar from picture postcards of summer holidays. cloud effects3 26-3-13The next layer is white fluffy cumulus clouds, white, like cotton wool. cloud effects4 26-3-13Drifting across the top are thin clouds in shades of what my Winsor & Newton oil paint chart suggests may be Payne’s Grey and Silver in horizontal lines as if drawn by a charcoal pencil or sketched by the wind. cloud effects2 26-3-135 to remember
un estrato – layer
la nube – cloud
el pincel – paintbrush
ultramarino – ultramarine
la tarjeta – postcard

4 thoughts on “A painted sky

  1. nggggr

    Hi, I found your image on the internet and was wondering if you would mind if I used it as an overlay over one of my own images for my uni project (it is non profit)? I will credit your image at the end 🙂



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