A crochet of catkins

Catkins drip off the holm oak trees now like a spider’s web of crochet. holm oak - spring catkins1 16-4-13Holm oak trees, quercus ilex, are evergreen, so spring does not mean the emergence of new leaves. Holm oak leaves, prickly like holly, fall one or two years after the new leaves emerge [below] and are generally hated in the countryside for their propensity to block drains. holm oak - new leaves after catkins 1-5-13Spring is important however for the holm oak’s catkins, which are really its petal-less flowers, drooping willow-like. holm oak - spring catkins2 16-4-13They remind me of my great-aunt’s sitting room, the backs of chairs and tiny tables draped in delicate crocheted mats. holm oak - spring catkins3 16-4-135 to remember
la candelilla – catkin
la telaraña – spider’s web
el crochet – crochet
de hoja perenne – evergreen [plant]
la hoja – leaf

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