A problem of poo

For some weeks now, a battle has been waged on our terrace. A small mammal has been leaving us small ‘gifts’ overnight. Poo, a pile of it, in a plant pot on the edge of the terrace. Sometimes in the pot, sometimes on the plant [now a spiky aloe vera, the poo has already hastened the death of a Sansevieria], often on the terrace tiles. poo - nail on top of pillar 1-5-13We guess the animal is marking its territory, and as we [D, I hasten to point out, not me] have discovered small animal fur in the poo, we assume the mammal is good at keeping our countryside rodent population in check. So, we do not want to kill it. But simply trapping it and taking it for a long car ride may not be sufficient. P provided a box-like wire trampa, a trap, and suggested baiting it with chorizo [something, as a vegetarian household, we do not have].poo - wire on aloe vera 1-5-13At the moment, the battle is about deterrence. The mammal is winning. We’ve moved the pot from the pillar on which it perches, we’ve hosed down the area and sprayed with perro y gato repelente [dog and cat repellent spray], we’ve topped the plant, pot and pillar with chicken wire.

None of this has worked.

The latest tactic is to add 5 inch nails to the top of the pillar in an attempt to stop him perching. I am not convinced this will be successful as he has shown himself to be agile enough to climb the cipressa to get on top of the pillar from the hillside below.

We think the culprit is a stone marten. At least, we spotted one last summer halfway up our fig tree beside the terrace, and the photo of stone marten poo in our mammals book is similar to our evidence.

Watch this space.

5 to remember
la batalla – battle
el mamífero – mammal
la caca – poo
la marta – marten
el territorio – territory

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