Sensory weeding

Today there is full sun after four days of drizzle. Consequently, there are bees everywhere. But, sun + rain = 3ft tall weeds. sage 1-5-13I have never known such vibrant weeds as those that grow here. Weeding on the terrace in front of the house, with the view of the valley at our feet, is a sensory explosion. Every leaf we brush releases fragrant oils. lavender 1-5-13Rosemary [below], lavender above], sage [top] and orange blossom. The latter is a bit of an exaggeration as we have only one flower bud on the orange tree, our first, and very delicate. The sage is in full bloom, tall purple spikes, which for some reason makes me think of Christmas [sage and onion stuffing?]. rosemary horizontalis 1-5-13 5 to remember
la salvia – sage
el naranjo – orange tree
la llovisna – drizzle
la abeja – bee
la mala hierba – weed

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