Baby fruit

There’s something so exciting about spotting the first tiny nibs of fruit, after the blossom has gone. It’s a boost after the sadness as the delicate fallen petals turn brown. baby caqui1 1-5-13Crossed fingers that this year’s fruit harvest will be good, there has to be some benefit of all the spring rain. The tiny frilled caqui [above] look the cutest, as if they’ve come out a Polly Pocket set. I’m already planning what to cook with the plum [below] glut. baby plum1 1-5-13The figs [below] are the biggest of the baby fruit, these are destined to be poached in sugar syrup and eaten for breakfast with thick Greek yogurt. baby fig1 1-5-135 to remember
la caqui – persimmon/Sharon fruit
la ciruela – plum
la tristeza – sadness
la cosecha – harvest
minuscule/a – tiny, miniscule

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