The Dama de Noche is not dead

We planted this beautiful flowering shrub at the edge of our terrace, near where we sit in the evening, for its heavy night-time scent. Friends of ours who live on the coast, where the climate is much warmer, have Dama de Noche around their terrace and we envy the lush growth of their plant. Ours struggles. dama de noche - new growth at base 1-5-13We originally planted two and one didn’t survive the first winter. It is deciduous, but is so tender that in our cold climate here at 500m above sea level we hold our breath every spring in case it has finally died. With the sudden arrival of six inches of snow on February 25, I feared the worst. But it is alive, there is new growth at the base.
5 to remember
el arbusto – shrub
la fragrancia – scent
el clima – climate
el invierno – winter
de hoja caduca – deciduous

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