Gambas al Ajillo for lunch

gambas al ajillo 9-5-13
Gambas al Ajillo, or for those who have never eaten this delight on a holiday in Spain or the Canaries, Garlic Prawns. This is one of our standby lunches. A packet of excellent prawns in the freezer, lashings of green olive oil and sliced garlic, and one of those tricky dried whole red chillis that the Spanish add to so much of their food. Crusty bread, a cold beer, a seat in the sunshine. Life is simple.

Fancy a different fish dish for dinner? Try one of these:-
A tea of Salmon Traybake
Sweet potato fishcakes
Spanish tuna and tomato salad

5 to remember
las vacaciones – the holiday
las Islas Canarias – the Canary Islands
el paquete – the packet
excelente – excellent
el congelador – the freezer

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