Clouds of cream

The blossom on the hawthorn bushes which line the valley are today laden with creamy clouds. In England, ‘May blossom’ is traditionally used as a decoration to celebrate May 1st, May Day, but I am unaware of any similar tradition in Spain. And anyway, it’s flowering in April here so maybe it should be ‘April blossom.’
hawthorn blossom 25-4-13
It reminds me of ‘The Big Hawthorne’ and ‘May Blossom on the Roman Road’, two of that wonderful series of paintings by David Hockney in 2008 of the Yorkshire Wolds, my birthplace, and part of his ‘A Bigger Picture’ exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.

5 to remember
la exposición – exhibition
el lugar de nacimiento – birthplace
la serie – series
los cuadros – paintings
la tradición – tradition

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