On the road

A wonderful surprise this morning as we drove the hilly road to our local post office. Here in the depth of the campo there is no postbox and no postal deliveries. So, we collect our mail from the local post office eight miles away. The only catch is that it’s open only one hour a day.

[photo: Daniel May]

[photo: Daniel May]

This road winds through particularly wild scenery with views below to the huge reservoir Embalse de Guadalteba and across towards Granada to the mountains of El Torcal de Antequera. Early in the morning, these hills are obscured by layer upon layer of mist.

[photo: Wikipedia]

[photo: Wikipedia]

 This morning something unusual happened. We saw an ibex, a wild mountain goat which lives above the treeline. It was unmistakeably wild, alone, not in a herd and with a goatherd as we are accustomed to seeing goats here. Its horns curved backwards and it had a dark stripe of hair running along its backbone.

5 to remember
la carretera – road
el correo – post office
el buzón – letterbox
el cabrero – goatherd
la cabra – goat

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