A toad called Cesc

Frogs jump, toads walk, that’s the easiest way to recognize which is which.

[photo: Wikipedia]

[photo: Wikipedia]

The toad that nearly missed death today didn’t move at all. Our neighbour P sent his son, JM, off to the sótano where we keep our garden tools. Only when he returned with a shovel did we realize that P meant to kill the toad. The toad, now rescued, walked slowly off to hide beneath the honeysuckle. We christened him Cesc Fabregas, after the Spanish footballer who used to play at Arsenal. He joins Pepe Reina, a stone toad named after the Liverpool goalkeeper and discovered amongst a pile of builder rubble down our hillside.
5 of the best
el sótano – basement
el sapo – toad
la rana – frog
el futbolista footballer
lo mata
– he kills it

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