After the storm has gone

The sky today has gone through so many iterations, at midday it was as dark as dusk, at 5pm the sun has broken through the dense dark storm clouds and we can turn off the electric lights in the house. Today’s storm has brought thunder and lighting, wailing wind, and the sound of constant dripping as the drains from the balconies overflow onto the terrace. after the storm has gone2 5 19-3-13 (2) The steely grey clouds whizz across the sky now, here and then out of sight. White puffy cotton wool clouds give the sky the look of a small child’s painting.  At the northern end of the valley, the sky is brilliant azul as if there has been no rain. In the west, the blue is breaking through the pale grey cover. In the east and north, the sky is still dark grey and menacing. The weather forecast promises the sky will clear overnight and tomorrow there will be sun.

5 to remember
el gemido del viento – the wailing wind
la luz – the electric
el balcón – the balcony
las tuberías del desagüe – the drains
el norte – the north

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