A nightingale sings and sings

As we went to sleep last night we heard a nightingale singing. D awoke at 2am and the nightingale was still singing though our bird book says they sing most consistently at dawn and dusk.

[photo: Wikipedia]

[photo: Wikipedia]

In the morning we wondered if it was two birds, perhaps singing at each other from different directions, territory-calling. I’ve never seen a nightingale, they are the drabbest brown birds though the adults have a reddish-brown tail. Its song is so unstructured it is impossible to define in the usual language of bird song. All I know is it is the sweetest thing to listen to at night as I drift off to sleep.

5 to remember
el ruiseñor – the nightingale
anoche – last night
canta – it sings
el amanecer – the dawn
el anochecer – the dusk

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