A circle of pink confetti

The rain has battered some of the quince blossom off the trees, each tree is surrounded by a circlet of damp pink confetti. At 7pm the rain stops but the terrace is dripping. And then we hear a cuckoo, very close to the terrace. The bravery of the cuckoo, coming so close to the house, is unknown and this lifts our spirits. We remember that the farmers need the rain, that our plants will grow stronger because of it.

[Photo: Wikipedia]

[Photo: Wikipedia]

 We rarely see a cuckoo up close, more often we get a glimpse as they fly from tree to tree. They are quite distinctive when we do see them, larger than expected and with grey and white bars on their chest. They are heavy-looking birds and fly low, a little like a pigeon or dove. hills above jose antonio's1 24-3-13 5 to remember
el cuco – the cuckoo
valiente – brave
desconocido/a – unknown
cercano/a – close
el granjero – the farmer

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