Sky after storm

There’s just been the loudest thunderstorm here we’ve ever experienced. The rain drummed down, the light as dark as at dusk, and its 11am. sky after storm1 19-3-13 (2)For a brief interlude of 10 minutes, the rain slackens off and mist lifts a little in the valley. Weak sunlight comes from between the clouds and everything seems sharper, the green of the new leaves is more vibrant, the black tree trunks are Blackest Black, and the silver of the poplars looks metallic. sky after storm3 19-3-13 (2)Then the rain comes down again. Minutes later the wind has cleared the sky and it is azure blue again. sky after storm2 19-3-13 (2)5 to remember
una tormenta – a storm
el rayo – a streak of lightning
el relámpago – a bolt of lightning
verde – green
vibrante – vibrant

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Sky after storm: an azure blue sky after a crashing thunderstorm in #Spain via @Spanish_Valley

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