Life finds a way

Life finds a way here in the mountains. It is a harsh climate, fierce winds, frosts and snow in the winter, dry 40° heat in the summer. But life finds a way to survive. life finds a way - rock2 15-3-13 There is a wild succulent here that seems to manage to grow on a few grains of earth. It grows out of earth as hard as concrete in summer, and even out of rock. life finds a way - rock1 15-3-13 The rock around here is sandstone, shades of red and pink from the palest flesh-colour pink tones to deep Indian finds a way - rock3 15-3-13 5 to remember
las montañas – the mountains
duro/a – harsh
feroz – fierce
la escarcha – the frost
la nieve – the snow

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It’s a climate of extremes – heat & frost. But life finds a way in the mountains of #Spain via @Spanish_Valley

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