Blue sky on the Thyme Track

Today is the sort of March day which makes you believe summer is around the corner. The day starts with a winter chill in the air, but as soon as the sun rises behind the house the temperature rises. The sky is a brilliant cobalt blue, empty of clouds.
blue sky - thyme track1 15-3-13
Only the bare branches remind us that we are yet on the edge of spring. The only summer visitors to arrive so far are two swallows and one cuckoo. The other migrant birds, the swifts, bee-eaters and golden orioles, are yet to arrive.
blue sky - thyme track3 15-3-13
Spring is late and it feels more like January, normally the bleakest month here in the mountains.
blue sky - thyme track2 15-3-13
5 to remember
el día – the day
el verano – the summer
el invierno – the winter
el sol – the sun
la casa – the house

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